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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Diggin for Rocks

So we decided that it was time to dig a bit and see what "lies beneath".  The hillside that we'd like to build on had the potential of hiding a big rock ledge....the neighboring property has exposed rock...so it was time for us to check.

So, Nate got the Kubota with backhoe from work and set to digging...and learning how to use a backhoe.  Not too hard to do...but this one is pretty old...let's just say the action on it is a bit "sloppy".

After 8 feet - no rock ledge....just dirt and sand.  That's good for us. 
Now we have a hole.  Yeah!

Three tractors on the farm....that's 2 tractors too few right?!?

Tonight there were three tractors up on the farm. 
Lloyd's for skidding trees.  It got a flat and had to be fixed up. Scott brought his up so we could use the forks to lift logs.  And the Ace Hardware tractor for digging.  Soon they'll all go home.  Thanks everyone for letting us use them!

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  1. Cool, can't wait to "help" again next spring... Ask your children what I did that Saturday and you'll know why I added Quotes. : )