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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Work Day! Part 2

 The day was so big it needs two post entries!

We basiclly had two different jobs to do today.  The crews rotated between peeling trees and clearing brush.  The logs were so big they all had to be lifted by tractor (thanks Scott for the use of the little John Deere).  The brush piles were huge - think the tops of about 50 small and medium sized trees.  But with so many hands the work got done quickly.

This group finished in 3 hours what would have taken us weeks to do!

The Crew!

 How much can one man carry?  Obviously quite a bit!

 Getting ready to feed the crew.

 One of the only pictures of Terry not working....oh and Bruce too.

Check out the videos coming soon to Part 3 of the work day.

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