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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot, HOt, HOT Night!

Tonight on the farm was a hot one.  Well into the 80's with lots of yummy humidity.  Nate's found out that wearing chaps in the summer is like wearing rubber pants.  In other words, chaps don't breathe very well.  Tonight was a night to catch up on a few things so we only got one tree down....but it was a biggie.  We've taken down 45 trees so far.  Only about a dozen to go on the property and then we start collecting from other places.  We need about 30 face cord of 18" lengths and about 6 face cord of 10" lengths.

Eying up the angle the tree is leaning.

 Making the cut.

This is how we skid most logs out.  Nate's pretty purple truck is getting quite the beating.


The kids got the night off.  We brought a generator up from work and after dinner they lounged in the van and watched some videos.


Some of you wanted to see how the pile of logs was stacking up.  Well here is one of them.  It's about as tall as Zane.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  We've already split a pile about half this size.  You can barely see it in the back left hand side of the photo.

The brush pile on the other hand is quite large.  This is only one of three...and it is the medium sized one.

Can you find the children in this pile.  They like hiding in it.

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