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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Work Day! Part 1

  Well the big day happened.  Twenty-six of us decended on the farm on a very hot July day to finish the peeling and stacking for this year.  We've decided to stop peeling at this point because peeling has turned into chipping....that is...you have to chip the bark off the trees now...no more nice easy peels.  We estimate that we have about 26 cord peeled and we will get the remainder in the spring.

The big push today came with the help of some of the summer staff from Beaver Camp.  We've come to love Beaver Camp and the staff there.  It is a great Christian camp!  They worked SO hard and with cheerful and Christ-like attitudes the entire time.
 The biggest trees sit ready to be cut to 146" lengths and peeled.

Terry keeps right on working while Bruce and Christian chat.

Maria, Brian, Johnny, and Alex get their first taste of peeling.

Ella, Zane, and Collin try out the tractor.

Kala helps clear brush.

The work site.

Lisa gets in on the act.  Hard work must run in the Zehr household.

"Florida" Dave doesn't mind the heat....or peeling.

Make sure to check out Part 2 of the work day!

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