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Monday, July 9, 2012

Fun Night with Friends

When there is hard work to be done there is no better people to do it with than those who make it fun.  Tim, Cindy, and Scott know how to make it fun.  

If you want to join the fun we'll be having another work day on Saturday, July 14th starting at 9am.  We'll be grilling out for lunch so bring something to charbroil if you like.  We'll try to provide enough drinks and snacks for everyone.

 This is how we eat our dinner every night.  Denise packs us an awesome meal (pulled BBQ chicken, potatoes, and peas from the garden tonight).  Benches and kitchenette compliments of our friend Jim.....he made them from shipping pallets.

The end view of part of a pile.

The trees we are cutting are Quaking Aspen.  Around here they call it "Popple".  It is drying out super fast.  Notice this crack/check in this log.  It's about 6 inches.  This is one of the worst ones.  Obviously this guy will get split.

Because we are in a hurry to get logs peeled before the bark starts tightening in the next few weeks we've been leaving them in the the long 146" lengths.  This has turned out to be a good thing because of how fast they are drying.  If we had shorter lengths and they dried fast we'd lose a lot more of our pieces to checking and cracking.  As of right now it is only the end of the log where this is happening.

Hopefully on Saturday we'll being cutting the 146" lengths into 8 - 18" lengths and then splitting some of it and stacking all of it for use in the cordwood walls next year.

A birds eye view of the work site.

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