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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Loggin' It

Wow!  Tonight we got some work done! 
Lloyd and Edna both came up and Lloyd skidded logs with the tractor while Edna peeled.
Then Evan showed up and the bark really began to fly.

Thanks for all the help!  It's great to see both young and "older"
getting involved in this project.

Getting ready to cut.

A full tree, skidded out and ready to be cut to length.

 Edna, Nevin, and Evan gettin' it done!
Lloyd.  This tractor is like an extension of his body.....he's that good!

Skidding a couple small ones.

This is what a "spud peeler" looks like in action.
The men finished out the night strong. 

 Nevin took some video of Lloyd skidding out some logs.

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