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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thanks for the help

To all who braved the heat and sun to enjoy a beautiful summer day in a big green meadow...with puffy white clouds, song birds, and good friends.....thank you!

Here are some pictures from today with some captions that seem to fit.

Some fine finish work.

"Hey!  Somebody stole all the bark off my log!"
 "Ewww!  It's wet and slimy!"

"I'll teach you to say that Honda is better than BMW"
(you have to know Ken's tastes in motorcycles to get this)

"My Mom says I can't go inside and watch TV until all my peeling is done."

Terry in his favorite position states, "This is MY chair Nate and I dare you to move me!"
The peelin' crew!  Good job folks.

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