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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cordwood Saga - Part 2

Well the saga of the cordwood continues...

October 16th:

We got back at it on a cool Tuesday. 

Bob was back with his usual gusto and it was back to move - cut - stack - repeat.  The remainder of the stack of 12' lengths went pretty fast.  Bob could only stay till 1pm and when the last log was cut he looked at his watch and it was 1:01pm.  Couldn't be better timing.

Denise and I stacked and stacked while Bob did most of the cutting.  When we were done we felt a bit like we were in the miracle of the "loaves and fishes".  We had thought we'd only get about 4 more cords but when we were done we had gotten 5 1/2.  We even had some help from Zane!

After Bob took off our friend Terry showed up to help clean up.  Like usual we forgot to take pictures of Terry working....but trust me he did (there were a lot of pallets to clean up and stack).

So now we have 14 1/2 cords of 18" logs as well as 4 1/2 cords of 16" logs (that we cut months ago)....what's next?

Well we have decided that we will move to a 2 year plan for building the house.  We will keep trying to sell our current home (remember to pass the news on to your friends - as well as this link) - and as soon as it sells (and the weather breaks) we will build a "Grouse" to live in and work at procuring more logs, pouring a foundation, getting up some timber framing, and hopefully by the end of next summer be laying the first floor walls......just relax....it will get done.

What is a "Grouse" you ask?  This a term coined by Denise and I.  A "grouse" is house that will one day be used as a garage.  Think of it as an over-sized micro-house.

We'll see what happens!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. A lot of work! Making you healthier and stronger for sure. Bring those muscles to your brother's. Zane, you work hard to get those logs in place don't you?! Your cousins John Clark, Nathan and Mary Elizabeth laugh so much when they watch your "log" video. Nana looks forward to actually seeing this lovely land at Stonetable Farm someday.