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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cordwood Saga - Part 1

Well all of our 12' lengths of wood are now cut to 18"....but there is quite the story behind how it got that way.  The next couple of posts will tell the tale.  But to tell this tale we must first travel back to...

October 2nd:
On this day my father-in-law Paul and I started building the nursery.  No we aren't expecting another little kiddo.  We were expecting about 27 cords of 18" wood.  We started building "cradles" to hold all of those bundles of joy and so the area where we were working was dubbed "the nursery".

October 3rd:
Nate finishes the cradles and the nursery is ready for the wood.  Each cradle holds 4 cords of wood - 7 cradles were made - thus 28 cords of wood could be stored.

October 6th:

We invited anyone who was interested to come help cut our log pile down to size (complete with bribes of chili and coffee).  Well we had two takers (plus Lloyd and Edna showed up to check in on us - thank goodness Edna had a camera with her - our batteries had gone dead.)

So like we said...we had two brave souls.  Brave because it was raining for most of the day...but that didn't stop the amazing Bob and Tim from working with a smile.  Actually Bob's first words when he got out of his car were, "What a great day to cut wood!"  And he meant it!  His positive attitude got the day started right.

Both men - as well as Denise and I worked hard all day.  Bob is a machine with his chainsaw and Tim can get logs onto the cutoff table as fast as you can cut them.

Lloyd had to stack a little wood while he was there.

And now comes the sad news.....when we started cutting up this huge pile of logs  - (27' by 4') we figured there would be about 25 cords in it.  Well about about 3pm we were about 2/3rd of the way through the pile and we only had 8 cords!  We couldn't believe it!  All we could figure was that with the 12' lengths in a big pile there was a bunch of dead air space that threw our calculations off.

We know that we need about 30 cord if we are going to do all 1 1/2 stories of the home we are designing.  We figured we would have about 25 cords this year, cut another 5 or so in the early spring, dry it fast (quaking aspen dries really fast - plus we know someone with a solar wood kiln), and we'd have enough to build in the the summer of 2013.

The one thing that we are learning in this whole processes is to take one thing at a time...and to take the challenges as they come.  The next logical step is to finish cutting what we have... and start thinking about how this may change our timeline for building.

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