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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Time to Pour

June 15, 2013

Time to Pour!

7:00am and the sun is shinning.  A great day to pour 10 cubic yards of concrete.  Ken and Randal were on hand.  They have a local masonry business and we wanted to make sure that the pad was done right.

Nate had never done concrete before so he just followed their lead.

Starting to screed one side.

There was a definitely learning curve.

The kids had to get up early for the show.

With one half of the pad poured and screed we shifted operation to the second half.  With a front end concrete truck we were able to move quickly and efficiently.

Bruce, the concrete driver, proved to be very good at what he did.  He could place the concrete right where we wanted it and keep a good pace going.

Ken, with the bull float, starting to smooth it out.

We ordered 10 cubic yards for the pour.  We figured that we would need about 9.5 for the slab.  The rest only filled one of the patio forms that Nate had built.  We were glad we had ordered the right amount.

Nate became a master edger as Ken used the power trowel.

By 11:00am Ken was doing one of his final passes with the power trowel.  To smooth out the finish.  All is all the process went very quickly.

So now we can build a grouse.....let's go!

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