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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Faith in Cordwood

The other night we had the chance to visit with Larry and Char Schuth.  They live in Rochester, NY but have a cordwood cabin just 15 minutes north of us.  They built their charming cabin in the early 1990's.  I had hunted Larry down through the internet and after we started some dialogue via email they had invited us up for dinner and visit.

We especially wanted to see their place because it is very similar to what we want to build.  It is a saltbox design with solar and wood heat.  It was great to look it over and ask tons of questions about the design and construction.  Larry was super helpful at telling us what went right...and how to creatively work around mistakes.  Char is a delight and made instant friends with all the kids (evident by the big hugs they gave her at the end of the night).

We were able to learn much from them, and even pass some information back their way, as they get ready to help their son put on a cordwood addition in Pennsylvania.  For others of you hoping to build a cordwood home I would recommend the book "Cordwood and the Code" you can order it off of Earthwood's website.  It will go a long ways with your code officer.

Thanks for a great meal...(Larry's "fall of the bone" venison was delicious)...and lots of great desserts (I think we cleaned them out of apple crisp and banana bread with chocolate chips)...and the beginning of a great friendship with a new brother and sister.

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